Lyrics to Tantalus
Tantalus Video:
Listen child
i will sell you a story
im so glad to see you
and reclaim one for my own
priceless proverbs
written for soliciting
a cost to save you
lessons in divinity

A few kind words of praise
to greet you
you should never turn our back
to a savior
i will provide another chance
chances to control

Wy should i die
why can't we die
convinced you are defective
a savior the same
i'll pretend to heal you
and fuck you in the end

i still breth as you do
and i die just the same
fucked and blessed at the same time
Now i'm your god again

Gag you for silence
to ensure you will listen to me

Burn the bridges
That we must soon cross
knowledge will recede
roots shall grow with me
no diversions consider this

strethching down to sip the water at
my feet
Reaching down to have it dissipate
in consideration i would die for
then i lie
Decide for yourself
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