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Lyrics to Scarecrow
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Hung up on "meant to be"
Protecting me the emptiness
is hindering my self control
pinned up on my fucking life
burdened with the hollowness
you my friend a lifeless being
solitude in twelve sixteen
a replica to tear away
so eager to imitate
a gaurdian protecting me
deliberately look away
that gaurdian will turn on me
unraveling beneath the rain
it's swept away left alone
i'll be ok on my own
underneath the fucking storm

Never can i ever bring
this back to life
feel we can both lay down
together forever
an abscence of all that seems
to make this thing real
something please come
dare to take me away

Burdened with the hollowness
that's inside you

Windswept and desolate
scattered across the sky
Baffled and hopeless
Mend the peices to complete you
you start to seperate
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