Lyrics to Prisoner
Prisoner Video:
Got me a mynah, but it can't talkI got a wolfhound, but it don't walkGot me a mountain, I can't see downTurn me a corner, I can't see round(Chorus:)Wearing shackles - ball and chainWorking suit - faded greySoleless boots - very plainGathering darkness - day by dayWant a number - please referPrisoner - prisoneraWnt a number - call returnPrisonerGot me a window, I can't see throughWhere is it? In my bathroomGot me a firkin, ain't got no cupI got a crater, I can't fill upGot me a mirror, that don't reflectA rabbit's foot that don't protect - no(Chorus)I got a Halo that's prone to slipLeans to the left on equalityOut there's an ocean of leary junksAnd bible belts and defrocked monksI got a record and that's a crimeAn enemy, by god he's doing fine(Chorus)seven-four-eight-eight-six-eight-three

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