Lyrics to Loud Fuzz
Loud Fuzz Video:
I'll show you how
I'll show you how it's make believe
Just like that silly tree stump

It's all gone
Say ?bye-bye?
You're the only one
Left on this earth

Lets have a fight
Lets have a fight
About how much you really are better than

Just another one of your stupid things
Just another one of your stupid dreams
We can't compete

If I we're to today
I would have noticed yesterday
The weather is hot and melting

These are our last days
So lets pray
We don't get the same
Treatment that they did

It's a one way ticket to hell
Babe, I knew it from the start
I just didn't wanna break your heart, again

And I know, I'm wrong
I know, we were wrong about you
Just take a breath
Remember everything that you said

Well, it's a stupid one
But, a smart one
Just like your family
Incest and inbred
I won't fall for the list of tricks again
I promised
I promise
We promised
We promise
I won't lie to
We promise we won't lie to you
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