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I can't escape the sinking feeling
that everything is broken
in the beginning where it falls apart
the consumption of the things that comfort
A product that is taking
Precedence over a life
mindless indulgence
to gain contentment
with whats inside
Temporary serenity
selling out to live a life

to break to buy
to find a center
to be a slave
so insecure
offset intent
sell it away
to gain control
and feel secure

broken disaster
barted existance

loaded in a cycle
aggressive in the response
to a motion within a system
caving in to my frustration
i've claimed it all
now it's gone
selling out to live and die

Now i'm broken

a thousand new broken parts in the end where it falls apart braking without support cought up in the ties that bind indentured into bonds and stocks stocks that bind and break the locks this sanity is of no use untill i can afford something new
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