In All Fairness, You Were Being A Jerk Lyrics

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Lyrics to In All Fairness, You Were Being A Jerk
In All Fairness, You Were Being A Jerk Video:
How the hell will you explain yourself
You're f*cked your chances
You should be concerned
About your last action
(You're not getting her back)
This song is a hate message about you

So press ?play?
Cause I'm taking her from you
You didn't have a chance
To take back
The mistake that you made
Looks like you should of changed your ways

But, hey
(Look at this way)
I said
?You gotta hurt someone eventually?
(?Stupid is stupid does?)
You live your life by that last one

When, oh, will you just realize
That ?Man, I really don't belong here.?
?Man, I just shouldn't be here?
I hope you come to terms real fast
That you are a jerk

Such a beautiful girl
Such a awful ugly mess walking with her
I should know
I've seen this case before
But, you won't behave

Stop hiding the truth, boy
Because you are such a prick
I noticed
She doesn't see it
But me and Ben
We have been keeping our eyes on you
And Since
The old you will die a couple of weeks into the future
Do you mind if I take her

When, oh, when will you just realize
?Man, I'm a pile dirt, I'm such a tool
And a pushover?
I don't care if hate me
Just know in all fairness
You were being a jerk
A pile of dirt
A walking bag of doorknobs
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