How How How (Mad Love) Lyrics

Roger Chapman

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Lyrics to How How How (Mad Love)
How How How (Mad Love) Video:
I caught a plane going out to Cuba.We got hijacked up in the sky.I fell in love with a rebel leaderShe dropped me off somewhere in Paraguay.Howhowhow if you could see me nowThis madmad love pulls me to pieces.Boomboomboom - I'm wired to the moonThis madmad love of mine increases.Went overland with a desert chieffanWe rode that caravan for days.His number one wife started peepingBehind that viel I fell in love again.Howhowhow if you could see me now. . .Tihs madmad love confuses the sencesHear flashing lights see ringing bells.Start climbing walls and jumping fencesAnd I'm totally under its spell.Howhowhow if you could see me now. . .Howhowhowhowhow if you could see me now. . .Howhowhow if you could see me now

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