House of Singing Bamboo Lyrics

Guy Mitchell

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Lyrics to House of Singing Bamboo
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Got a place in the sun,
A particular one,
On a tropical avenue;
Far away from it all,
That I happily call
The house of singing bamboo.

On the windier days,
Seems an orchestra plays
On a musical breeze for you;
Like a merry salute

From a heavenly flute
To the house of singing bamboo.
So here I'll stay, nevermore to roam,
From my new old-fashioned South Sea home.

You don't have to count sheep,
That's for "Little Bo Peep"
You can sleep till the sun peeks through;
You can dream any dream,

For you know that your dreams come true
When you live in a house,
In a house of singing bamboo.
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