Lyrics to Hey Now Now
Hey Now Now Video:
On the inside
Do you know what you're about
When I see you
I wanna free you
Cos you're always freaking out

We could be riding on the waves of an ocean baby
Flying to the beat of our hearts
I wanna make you a star

* Hey now now
Don't you know
It's not really that complicated
Hey now now
When you come and go
It's so hard for me to sleep at night

Hey now now
Listen to you
Think of all of the time we've wasted
Hey now now, hey now now, hey now now

From the outside
Lokking in I see your bright light
Yeah, believe it when I say
Everything will be alright

Gonna stay right here when your sun
Don't shine
While your head's still up in the clouds
For crying out loud
(Repeat *)

** Hey now now
Listen you
Think of all of the time we've wasted
And we'll find a way to make it right

And if you think that innocence is dead
I'll say it's all inside your head
I've got to tell you how I feel
And you know we're gonna make it for real

Meet me halfway
We can't help but come together
I'll make you happy
I'll show you what this love's about
(Repeat */**/*/**)

Hey now now (hey now now/find the way to made it right)
(4 times)
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