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We Want Revenge

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Lyrics to Crafty Salesmen On Duty
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Half the time
We don't recall
Anything for you

Just a piece glass
We left for you

Anytime you need a call
I got the phone right next to me
Sitting here for a reply

She sits slowly down
?You have a lovely smile?
She says
Without hesitation

?Consider the following?
I said
I said to her
?I may fall very hard for you?

You got what you gave
You never gave me a chance
Guess what?
Do you know Romance

He told me that you're
?a backstabbing whore?

I'd hold that note for you
Just as long as I could

You know what I want
You know what we want
It's called ?revenge?

Look me in the eye
Tell me you love me
Sarcasticly, I might reply
You think I don't
Remember those last words

?You're amazing, Sam, you're amazing.?

According to her
I regret
What came first
I never did, I never did

But now I do
I will forget
The truth
And fall for you
(It's just a game)
I will fall for you
(it's just a game)
I will fall for you
(it's just a game)
I will fall for you
(Don't fall for her)
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