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Lyrics to Arrythimia
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You came down to the water obviously where it falls off apparently you were missinformed of a prphetic circumstance

If Only I could feel you start to breath
If only i could see you breathing

You came down to the water I saw it and you knew too well but still so unsuspecting despite my premonition

When the time comes we'll drain it swollow it to maintain I'm sorry but I couldn't stop this from happening.

Tell me now is it hard to breath With your lungs filled with water bitch do you find it hard to speak? with your head held underneath the surface

Obvious to what i said take my foot off the back of your head Trying to raise sunken dreams, reminding you to breath

The motivation to wake up moving up and into you forced to grasp the content of how you will be consumed that rest that breath that unmistakable face apologies for everything But i couldn't stop this from happening

Awake the sleeping beast tempermental monster try to keep it dormant just as you float and it remains forgiveness is a virtue, a virtue you'll never learn. I wish i could take it back but now it's just too fucking late.
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