Lyrics to A Gilded Age
A Gilded Age Video:
i was the one

the favorite son-in-law

i was on track

to be behind the desk

and i could pretend

i'd be the only one

to solve the new

energy crisis

and i could report the facts

and tell them all to relax

everyone's so in love

with the trends

even though we know

we're trading in euro's

i can assume the law

is on our side

well all of the great artists are dead for sure

it's entertainment for all and that's all we want

though we all know this is a gilded age

the new king's court is in your home

we can't deny the trends

there's nothing to defend

ignore your neighbors

on all sides

i won't watch the wars

it's easy to ignore

as long as i am still

the favorite son-in-law
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