Lyrics to Zip Code
Zip Code Video:
[Dr. Doom]
Yo, yo
West Coast, nigga
Crip, nigga
Better check the zip code, nigga
9-0-8-0-5, for shoe yo, check the zip code
Yo, check the zip code, 9-0-8-0-5
West side is my hood, fix yo' hood, nigga
What? What? What? What?

Black Knights, the moder-en day N.W.A.
Cali's finest gangster rap rhyme writers these streets ever raised
Renegades, bustin off guns, definately
If I gotta go out, you're comin with me, like 50/50
Split decision, Doc. Doom, the rugged rhyme physician
Talk rude, bubble-goose, straight outta Hell's kitchen
Verbal hitman, Bobby Steels' ditch-diggin henchman
Monkey wrench men, I stay up in the war trenches
of L.A., put a hole through yo' eniche
Hey Mr. D.J., the Knights is here so let the beats play
We rhyme for eons, way beyond your small flow
You dynamite niggaz'll rhyme, our click is all pro

Divide the code of honor, kill or be killed at any time
Mathematically enclined, walk, talk with my mind
I pack metal, black gats, stainless steel swords for war
Black Knights attack, crash your coast, waves by shore
Young hitman, body ? until we master samurai style
Chop your neck, some niggaz funny style
Check my war file, from Compton to Staten Isle
I left my trademark, Ghost Dog after the gun bark
Here's a book to read, like weed'll leave your brain sparked
Plant seeds, caught three to seam, got dark
The final shootout, live by the code, die by the code
Empty on your half ass niggaz and then I reload

[Chorus: Dr. Doom]
Killah Cali, the home of the Crips and Bloods
Pimps and thugs, relax or you get hit with slugs
Dent your mug, my niggaz ain't showin no love

Give 'em a double dose of that shit to leave 'em comatosed
No jokes, we smoke for comin with the rumble coats
Hitman, bullets rippin through flesh, flesh
Supreme penetration, enter your back, exit your chest
One marinate, cardi-inch roast, trapped in your neck
In this war zone, seven get throne, six connect
Discipli' incest, scorpion sting, kiss of death
In this genevese, clappin enemies, clearin facilities
You want drama? We can draw blood, I do the honor
Street novelist, pure dominence, you know the motto bitch
Knights is nothin luckin in the game so fuck bluffin
Cause mass destruction, leave bodies floatin in the Hudson
For the CREAM I'm lustin, the better thing the cheddar brings
From the get-go, we have this shit sewed, so check the zip code
(9-0-8-0-5) where cats get flipped on majorly, fuck cagerly
Thug life style, so bust this mic down
We might joust, Black Knight style, so what's this life now?

[Chorus x2]
Killah Cali, the home of the Crips and Bloods
Pimps and thugs, relax or you get hit with slugs
Dent your mug, my niggaz ain't showin no love
From North Long Beach nigga to the C, ya hood

[Outro: Dr. Doom]
West Coast
Black Knights
Check the zip code nigga, 9-0-8-0-5
Yeah, yeah
It's real here nigga
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Black Knights, nigga
West Coast, nigga
East Coast, nigga
South Side, nigga
North Side, nigga
Let's ride, nigga
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