Lyrics to Zaburon
Zaburon Video:
Evil sounds burst in me,
I'm turning into a morbid beast
crushing and smashing I escape from my cage room,
I jump into the darkness,
where unreal creatures
all around
offer me their throne.
My ego it's dying
victim of his majesty,
macabre illusion on my mind.
Syndrome of hate and hypocrisy.
The embrace has began,
my obscure spirit
born in the horror cradle.
The anger and all my fears
blast my mind
creating my foolish mask.
My body has crossed the limit,
the point of no return.
The mirror reflect my face.
I look at my eyes
But they are too deep.
My power increase.
My strength blast.
Unbreakable armour.
An evil voice inside me,
Increasing and control me.
I'm not me.
Roar of a violent impact.
Evil incarnation evil.
Now I'm the invincible creature
I always desire.
I'm falling,
nothing it's able to stop me.
It's amazing,
I am the only chief of myself
It's a possession,
I am his slave.
Great Imagination,
It can change you in something
obscure and dreadful,
but you have to know
It's just a dream,
and life call you back to reality.
Try to escape
from the mirrors circle
that's reflecting you
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