Lyrics to Yu Blind
Yu Blind Video:
*light the umi
and blaze the green
all blind all blind. till we get the crave.
we hustle the vibe, no shoes no ties.
we'll peel off our eyes with all this grime

**you're blind as a bat, the way you swing your bat.
i take you to a place where the people have grace.
i can't see you, you can't see me, in the origin of pretty green.
we gonna chase chase around the place place.
(how much does that weigh, i just got paid.)

a buds a bud when her beat jumped

a buds a bud when her beat jumped
all alone i rather go to get rubbed.
loves enough, when you inhaling this bud.
start the fire, burn down this empire


light the dub, light the dub,
light the dub, we're gonna light this dub up in the club.


we get high, full of pride.
fire to the earth it's burned.
grill to gleam, got money in teeth.
worries no more when you numb to core.
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