Lyrics to Yowzah!
Yowzah! Video:
It wasn't too very long ago
Some folks walked with a hi-dee-ho
And other folks walked around kind of low
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

It was ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
And they didn't believe in makin' a fuss,
So they quietly moved to the back of the bus
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

And when things got rough, they did a little prayin'...
Little arm wavin' and a little bit of swayin'.
Didn't do no good -- they kept right on a-sayin',
Sayin' "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss".

So they all went out and did a little standin',
Little less askin' and a lot more demandin',
Little less liftin', and a little less totin'.
A lot more thinkin' and a lot more votin',
A little less hopin', a little less waitin',
A whole lot more demonstratin'...a lot less pearly gate'n'.
A lot more fightin' and a lot more walkin'
Until finally no one at all was talkin'...
Like "Yowzah" and "Sho nuff" and "Yassuh boss"!

The end of this story is plain to see...
They finally achieved equality
And now like you and me they can stand up strong and free
And say, "Yes, sir" and "Of course, sir" and "Anything you say, J.B.!"!
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