You've Got to be Fucking Shitting Me (Cover) Lyrics


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Lyrics to You've Got to be Fucking Shitting Me (Cover)
You've Got to be Fucking Shitting Me (Cover) Video:
Sugar telephones at twelve o'clock
Says she's pulling up around my block
And would I like to drive to the coast
Through hiccuped sighs

I asked her once why she has to climb
Behind the wheel when she starts to cry
Said it's the only thing that calms her down
And I let it slide

She pulls over without warning
For a six pack at one o clock in the morning
We've only been out an hour, girl
You've got to be fucking shitting me

We go speeding through a sleeping town
Bottles up and the windows down
Sugar, please put your seat belt on
And she laughs at me

"If I liked being told what to do,
I'd have brought my dad along instead of you"
I put my seat back and drifted off
As Kate Bush sang

And dreamed as the dawn set in
We drove straight through armageddon
And when we finally reached the ocean, there was nothing left

We cooed at the howling darkness
As white lights showered down upon us
Spaceships all around now
You've got to be fucking shitting me

I awoke as we approached the coast
The rising sun chased away the ghosts
I really should have stayed awake
'Cause now I feel like shit

Sugar weaves the car along the cliffs
And jerks the wheel for the fun of it
"Would you please put your seatbelt on"
And she laughs, but listen here...

I'll be the one laughing
Shockwaves shooting through the mountains
The coastline's in the shadow of a giant wave

Cruise liners capsizing
As planes crash along the horizon
And I'm the one buckled in
Girl, you've got to be fucking shitting me
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