You've Got It (The American Dream) Lyrics

Ken Hensley

Running Blind

Lyrics to You've Got It (The American Dream)
You've Got It (The American Dream) Video:
One by one, two by two
We all step out into the human zoo
Three by three and four by four
We've all got ours but we still want more
Six by six and five by five
It's success we want, dead or alive
Seven by seven, eight by eight
I'm alright jack and I ain't gonna wait

It's real fright, it's real white
It's in your neighbourhood tonight
It ain't cheap, it's no escape
It's here and now, the devil's rape

You want it, you've got it
It's all yours, the American dream

It's in the air, it's in the street
Just one hit, your image complete
I know 'cause I've already been there
An empty pocket and an empty head
No-one listens to a word you've said
Just give it up and dish it out
They'll make you think that they really care
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