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Lyrics to You've Escaped
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To escape you must've been brave.
It was a frightening case.
Somebody chased you to the same place where your eyes closed.
Say hello to the monster in your home,
who roams around when he thinks that he's alone.
It's a dream.
But no one can hear you scream.
No one can hear you.
You're not blind- there's a star in the sky.

But oh, you'll be standing by my side.

On the street wires walk with me.
Position me to where I can follow your lead.
You say I never leave.
I've been everywhere.
I've weaved through parking lots, dodging speeding cars and shopping carts.
Say goodnight to the contents of your room.
Trim the lights for the trimming of the moon.
Your bed, it's a shoulder for your head or a helecopter pad.

Do you see out of the corner of your eye that I'm standing by your side?
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