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Lyrics to YouTube Celeb Diss
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Hey guys whats up?
I'm gonna talk about a few of you who suck.
And please don't be pissed, even though you're all gonna get dissed.
Lets talk about Smosh. Oh em gee Anthony's so hawt! And all your subs are 13 year old girls who
really wanna touch your... Hand!
And LonelyGirl15 I thought you died. When I found out that it was fake that's when i cried.

Oh Oh Renetto! Do you have a lyfe?! NO!
You're on YouTube 24/sev. You and Nalts could be BFF!
LisaNova don't, don't even get me started. Daxflame makes you look retarded.

Hey Brookers guess whos pissed. Thats right your orthodontist.
I swear I saw the whole world... right through your teeth.

Shoe ba dee bop bop
And what the Buck's a Boh3m3?!
Shoe ba dee bop bop

Oh Sexy Phil why do you talk so fast?
If I didn't know you were straight edge I'd think that you were on crack!
Oh hey Chris Crocker. Tell grandma I said Hi!
For just a second I thought that you were a guy.

Oh Hey KevJumba You're the most overrated of them all. I have 4 words to say to you...

You suck at math! x4!!
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