Lyrics to Yours Truly
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Dear Tomorrow,

You've been shining so brightly
I'll be holding on tightly
To the words that you said

Because you took that one moment
So much more than alone then
We were out on our own then
Until you took me in

Then you sat down next to me with your heart on you sleeve
If I never would've met you then I never would believe
Someone like you would be writing to someone like me

Signed, Yours Truly

Dear My Someday,

I'll keep writing you nightly
And keep holding on tightly
To the words that you said

So proud of who you became now
You're in a world without chains now
You let your heart lead your brain
How you always wanted to be

But when I'm sitting here alone I can't help but to think
Looking back on the people that we used to be
Why does being so free mean so far away from me?

Signed, Yours Truly

I kept waiting around
I kept chasing the mail
Always lost never found

I kept writing and dreaming till my words ran out
And I stared at this blank page
Until finally I wrote...

...Dear My Never,

This is my half-hearted goodbye
The other half wants to still try
Remembering words that you said

But I guess we let go now
We'll be out on our own
How you always wanted this all out
But now I guess it's too late

But my one wish for you is that you find yourself
Don't settle for less or for anyone else
I pray that you dream like the dreamer I know you can be

Signed, Yours Truly

Dear Tomorrow,

I still know that you might leave
I keep holding on tightly
To the words that you said

Of all the things I've let go of
And the way that I've grown up
Your're the one thing I'm sure of
That I could never forget

Because it's impossible to fly without wind on your wings
You're the air that I breathe and the songs that I sing
Without you I never found much to believe
But you taught me to be the person that I'm meant to be
So maybe for once we can settle the score
Because the road to my heart leads me straight to your door
Through all of these years I've never been anything more

Than Yours Truly, than Yours Truly.
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