Yours Truly, Confused N10 Lyrics

Ray Davies

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Lyrics to Yours Truly, Confused N10
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Dear sir or madam, I don't normally write to the press But the neighbourhood where I grew up is really quite depressed Society is crumbling but the media's obsessed with boobs bums dot com millionaires fame fashion footsie shares But people they couldn't care less While parliamentary yobbos shout abuse around the house Do-gooders and reformers lead our nation to defeat While murderers and terrorists get compassionate release You're out now, you're back on the street, yeah, back on the street That's why I remain yours truly confused N10 I close my eyes and lay back and think of England I dream about the green and pleasant land we knew as England That throne of kings, that sceptred isle set in a silver sea Has turned into a laughing stock divided without harmony That's why I remain yours truly confused N10 The burglars have ransacked all the houses in the street While Mercs and Porsches double park with sheer impunity When towed away the ponces plead to all and sundry Referee what about me So forgive my lack of confidence and total low self-esteem but the dog eat dog society has deemed us all has beens While our smiling bland spin doctors slyly lead us down the track to a stab in the back I'm much too terrified to go out at night but the television's boring They're vandalising all the cars on the street but I won't lay down and take defeat That's why I remain yours truly confused N10 Thank you, good night

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