Lyrics to You're Too Kind
You're Too Kind Video:
...And I'm locking the door to a place where I feel okay. If you're worried about the thought, why won't you say? But this time, it's not so rough since you ran away and I know I'll forget your name with enough silence. I'd say it's all I need.

I should have gone back to where they know me best, I know they would've done the same. This cold never quits and the rain doesn't stop until my ears start ringing or until I black out again on the couch of my friend, where my eyes start to blur and I can't hear my own words. Just keep losing those friends until someone pretends again. She said,

“Where'd you go? We don't talk the same. I know that something's wrong so why won't you say that you're locking the door to a place where you feel okay?” I guess I can if there's someone you love, as long as you can be happy.

I'll sing, “This winter won't end,” until this winter just goes away. I guess you're too kind. Hell, I know that you are, but I don't have to tell you that. I know you won't forget.
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