You're The Only One? Lyrics


Content With Dying

Lyrics to You're The Only One?
You're The Only One? Video:
Put aside your idiocy
It's not going to change the world
It's not part of history
You're the only one do you think anyone understands?
What's more important?
The world's problems or the x on your hand?
Do you want to hide under a rock and pretend no problems exist?
You might be comfortable but half the world isnt
If you don't take time to question, how will you come up with any solution?
Your stagnant numb comfortgo back to sleep
Doing it for the kidsyoure full of shit
This could be a piece of the revolution, but you're trying to kill it
Brain numbing, unthreatening, unquestioning, afraid of change
To content with keeping everything the same
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