You're Something Else Lyrics

P.R. Terrorist

Tera Iz Him

Lyrics to You're Something Else
You're Something Else Video:
[Intro: P.R. Terrorist (Sample)]
What's up sweetheart? You know
You know you always wanted me to write a song 'bout you and all
Here it go, I have a lot to say so it's a lot of time in the makin' you know
But here it go ma', you know, here it go
(You're Something Else) It's like I seen your infinite potential
Somethin' other niggaz don't see (You're Something Else)
You was more than just a pretty face and a nice ass to me (You're Something Else)
I know I hurt you, and you know you hurt me (You're Something Else)
But that's just how the cookie crumble sometimes ain't it?

[P.R. Terrorist (Sample)]
Girl you somethin' else, I should've left you on the shelf
But I seen you needed help and civilisin' is my duty
I should've became your friend instead of stabbin' your wounds
Showin' you lust before love is what polluted the moon
You was hardly in tune with my mind, my body maybe
But forget my soul, that's how the young shit goes
Only 17 love when I lowered you in
You just turned 20 and I'm already seein' the end
(You're Something Else) We looked so good together
but you can't judge a book by its cover
Do the knowledge and you shall discover
(You're Something Else) That I truly love you, but believe that I don't
(You're Something Else) 'Cos it really doesn't matter and it probably won't
'Cos what we should've and could've been will never be
And the truth is you turned your back on G-O-D (You're Something Else)
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