Lyrics to You're Not Alone
You're Not Alone Video:
Here it comes again
Always trying to run
But you never leave my mind
Night after night
feelings pour like rain
Can't take it when we're apart
Don't you know you stole my heart
Night after night keep on saying

You're not alone in this one
You're not alone
I'll always be, always be there
No, I'll never leave you
and when the night is falling
My soul is in you
You're not alone
I'll always be there

I look in your eyes
Say goodbye
You're crying
Don't let it die
Miles and miles can't tear us apart
I see your face everywhere I turn
I hear your voice in every room
Forever and ever by my side

When you're walking all alone
I'll be there beside you I'll be there to guide you
Shadows falling I'm drowning in your touch
How could I ever leave you
Don't you know I need you
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