Lyrics to You?re Missing
You?re Missing Video:
Shirts in the closet, shoes in the hallMama?s in the kitchen, baby and allEverything is everythingEverything is everythingBut you?re missingCoffee cups on the counter, jacket?s on the chairPapers on the doorstep, but you?re not thereEverything is everythingEverything is everythingBut you?re missingPictures on the nightstand, TV?s on in the denYour house is waiting, your house is waitingFor you to walk in, for you to walk inBut you?re missing, you?re missingYou?re missing, when I shut out the lightsYou?re missing, when I close my eyesYou?re missing, when I see the sun riseYou?re missingChildren are asking if it?s alrightWill you be in our arms tonight?Morning is morning, the evening falls I gotToo much room in my bed, too many phone callsHow?s everything, everything?Everything, everythingYou?re missing, you?re missingGod?s drifting in heaven, devil?s in the mailboxI got dust on my shoes, nothing but teardrops

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