Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted ( Ring The Alarm) Lyrics

Nate Dogg

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Lyrics to Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted ( Ring The Alarm)
Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted ( Ring The Alarm) Video:
[Jermaine Dupri] Cmon Dance with me baby girl [x2] Cmon Dance with me baby girl [x2] [Verse 1: Nate Dogg] Man I was dancing, prancing, laughing, bouncing, swinging Moving, grooving, cause the music's booming Macking, tryna get some action, packing, acting Manish, drinking, tweaking, winking, peeping Seeking a freak for the evening, really feeling way too horny Reaking from the weed I'm token, choking, smoking, real doping, hoping My nights wide open, knowing that my girl my girls at home Snoring, boring, ignoring, warning that my girl was coming Sudden mood interuption, busted my girl in the club [Chorus] Ring the alarm (oh oh) Your woman has just been sighted (uh) Ring the alarm How'd she get in if she wasn't invited? (I dunno) Ring the alarm She's headed this way like lighting (yeah) Ring the alarm I'm not tryna be ducking and diving (cmon) Ring the alarm [Verse 2: Nate Dogg] Headed, top speed for the exit Damnit don piece can't grab it Habbit like chassing my cabbage Magic, time to disappear fast with This chick, who I sleeped last week with Real trick, I like her cause she real slick Let's dip, I don't care who you came with No lip, got no time for some bullshit She went, that she all in the backpen Time spent, now it's time to hit the pavement Two sense, got no time for your comments don't trip, do you know where my girl went? [Chorus] [Verse 3: Jermaine Dupri] Listen, I'm in the club, no where I ain't even suppose to be Drinking with a girl all close to me I'm all up in the air, telling her some superfly shit she need to hear Thinking can't nobody see us cause we in the rear All I'm tryna do is get a number then I'm up out of here Cause my girl ain't home, she out with a friend Ita be just my luck this the spot they in Not the place for her to spot me in You know specially when I'm suppose to be at the studio I take one step, what do I see my girl coming threw the door but she don't see me Now I'm ducking, now I'm dodgeing, hiding, praying to god that she don't come find me What was I thinking of, I should of never parked my car in front of the club damn! [Chorus x3] [ambulance siring]

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