Lyrics to Your Star
Your Star Video:
Look into my eyes, can you see my heartbeat?
It beats just for you and everything you do
A love song seems too sweet, but we are much too worthy
You deserve it all, together we won't fall

High above the world a kiss to beat all others
Everyone is small, we're better than them all
As long as I have you, and as long as you still love me
A love forever true, the stars shine just for you

Close your heart
Hold me tight
Kiss me and hold me through the night
When I'm afraid
I see your smile
Your star's so bright, it lights up my life

Marriage comes with time, children come soon after
Listen to the chimes, cherish all the time
This will never end, this just gets much better
A star up in the sky, a love that never dies

Never fear
I am here
Always and forever we'll be
We'll live long
Can't be wrong
A love this strong, as long as my star shines
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