Lyrics to Your Sleeping Dog
Your Sleeping Dog Video:
A thousand times, my love, I'll be your sleeping dog
On the floor, behind the door, until you come home
I'll dream about your footsteps with an aching moan
Well I'm not going outside or rolling on your lawn

A thousand times, my girl, I'll be your coffee cup
And I'll be getting cold while you are waking up
How can you put me down to that dirty old sink
When a little taste of me ought to make you think?

A thousand times, my god, I'll be your tangled sheet
A young man with an old song singing in your street
Like a crow I'll run wild, staring at the moon
I can see you've decided you'll be leaving soon

A thousand times, my friend, I'll be your garden gate
Moaning at the hinges when you get home late
A little bit of grease will shut me up real good
Things will still not end up like I knew they would
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