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Once more (Cave c2000)Your meaning of Life.Your Life is a burning HighwayRolling thunder, you`re the hottest queenOn high heels you did it on your own wayThinking of you seems smelling gasolineI see the fir in your eyesYou love your live, never look behindLike gliding birds in blue skiesSearching for something, mayebe you`ll findFeel the freedom of body and mindStart your journey and fade awayWhen life`s gonna take you downDont give it up, trust in your HeartI see the fire in your eyes.......Ref.:YOUR MEANING OF LIFE IS YOUR LOVEas long as you think twiceDON´T TAKE ADVICE FROM ABOVEas long as you feel the feverBOYS AND GIRLS, IT´S ALL THE SAMEyou will never be aloneWe will shelter you forever!We will shelter you forever!Riding down the streets of your dreamsAnd no one tell you where or whenLooking forward ain`t easier as it seemsNo one`s gonna break you down againI see the fire in your eyes.......Listen to your sense and follow your heartOpened mind, let the light shine inSometimes it´s better to trya new startTo make a decision never is a sinI see the fire in your eyes........Ref.:YOUR MEANING OF LIFE IS........SOLO:Take your head around the worldTake your straight line for a turnSee what you get out from your mindAnd see the flames will ever burnI see the fire in your eyes.........Ref.:YOUR MEANING OF LIFE IS........Lyrics by CAVE/Music by G-Point/Once more

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