Your Gyrlfriend 2 Lyrics

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Lyrics to Your Gyrlfriend 2
Your Gyrlfriend 2 Video:
(feat. Mac Shawn, Soopafly)

[Mac Shawn:]
Daz nigga wanna hoes right here man
These bitches better have a rack on
A G strap

[Daz Dillinger:]
I had one hell of a night
Two freak ass ???
Fucked me and sucked me
Like hell of ???
Name Jackie
Sweat like ???
With an earing on her tittie
and a ring on her toung
I said lay back and let me hit the cat
Down to fifty hennessy
and plus we smoked a sack
I got busy on the cop
In back of the track
I'm like word that you heard
Nigga don't stop

Mac Shawn
I had this bad ass bitch
She was freaking me
All up on that ecstasy
A bad defeat
Malcome X
Nothing going on
but some serious sex
Throw your hands to the back
Like a porno fleck
What's con is it
Don't bust a glock
Layed back
Fuck bitch
and I'm gonna rock the cock
See I'm back again
With this fresh pimp
and all my nigga
We all in
and everything
Is on a hoe
and some of you niggas
Just don't know

I said you just don't know
I said you just don't know

[Hook x2]
You know {you know}
and he knows {and he knows}
and we know {and we know}
That yourgirlfriend is still a hoe
You punk bitch

[Daz Dillinger:]
She was a pretty thang
but a nasty freak
They used to fuck her older sister
By the name of ???
She used to sing love songs
Why she was fucking me
pussy, tittie, ass shaking
Pry to god
Hoe don't scream rape
but i busta like a cherry
and i squeeze it like ???

[Mac Shawn:]
I put the dick in her face
and she loved the taste
Now understand why she loved that face
Cuz it's a freaky thang
but a good thang
Not knowin tonight
She going to do thangs
She preformed on one of us
Like never before
Imagne that
When she hit the flow
She sucked and sucked
I fucked and fucked
She paid Mac Shawn
and i straight got up

Bitch heres a towel
Wipe the nutt of your butt

[Hook x2]

She came over to eat this rap dick
Yea I cocked the hoe
Yea I kicked game and knocked the hoe
A lil' dick love in bitch
By the name of ???
I really did'nt kick no game
All i said was hey
She tourned around
Half ass like she was frome the bay
Her teeth were so fucked up
Made it hard for here to say
What she wanted to do with this dick
I gave her a tip
Grab this dick like it was a toothbrush
In between your lips and scrub
Come on bitch scrub
I came with that favorite toothpaste you love {sperm}
Snatched it out her mouth
Kicked that hoe out
She begged for the number
Like please don't end ot
Man I gave the bitch a number to the dentist
Sent her on the way
Like just don't smile
Cuz if one time they see that grill
you know they gonna kill you

[Hook: x3]

Mac Shawn:
Bitch you was nothing
Never will be something
We burn rubber on you
Raggedy bitch
You nothing piece of hoe
Imagne that
Soopafly the high prince
Young Daz
Mac-N-Ass Shawn
It don't stop bitch
raggedy junky hoe
Fuck you and your friends
Bitch and your mother
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