Your Calling Lyrics


Vices - EP

Lyrics to Your Calling
Your Calling Video:
this is your calling, don't give up hope
you're so close to the pinnacle
slipping and falling is for the ghosts
the non-believers and the cynical

lift up your head, and catch your breath
keep your eyes focused on the road ahead

elude the fallout with all your are
live for something worth dying for
from this point on, we'll take our chances

risking it all for a moment in the light
every second was worth the sacrifice

we're paving the way for generations to come
and pick up where we left off
but can they make it

we'll be the messengers for voices afraid to speak the truth
we'll be the serpents tongue, spreading the word of the timid youth

life is too short to hold your tongue
these are the words that waited to be sung

life's too short to hold your tongue
raise your voice, don't be ignored
words that waited to be sung
don't be silent anymore
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