Your Bedroom as a Movie Set Lyrics

Danny Saucedo

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Lyrics to Your Bedroom as a Movie Set
Your Bedroom as a Movie Set Video:
I left a message on your answering machine, I said my lyrics need some chords
You showed up at my door with your guitar and an apple core in your hand
You said you work better when you're alone and could you have my room all to yourself
Oh so casual as you toss your coat on top of my old guitar stand
I say I'm going to get coffee right around the corner but instead I sit out on the steps
Listening to you from the crack underneath the door nursing my last cigarette
But my light is out, instead I use a match
And for a moment I am Audrey Hepburn, cool and detached
Aloof watching you from the outside like I'm on a movie set
My bedroom is the setting of this next scene
I've never been much good at acting
The camera zooms in tightly
Eyes turn around and look right at me

I got your message and I knew I had some chords, so I showed up at your door
Nervously I chomped on my apple slices and I said it would be nice if I could have the room all to myself
I felt uncomfortable in my coat so I tried to drop it to the floor but it fell on top of your guitar stand's loop
You say you're going out for coffee but I see you out on the front stoop
My music walks out of the room, it's like cigarette smoke to you
My notes get into your eyes and your smoke wraps around my neck
And for a moment I am Gregory Peck, trying to perfect, trying to be your hero like I'm on a movie set
Your bedroom is the setting of our next scene
Takes place as the sun is setting
A tight shot of fingers gripping the strings
Just to keep them from twitching

So I walked back in the room
I say I gotta run
Leaving so soon?
Well my work here is all done
I listen to you and say something more
So I shuffled toward the door
And my shuffling becomes an awkward little dance
I look deep into your eyes
Now's my only chance
And I kissed you
And you kissed me
And you said
You smell exactly like I remember, exactly like I remember, I remember, I remember

My bedroom is the setting of this next scene
Music plays while the credits are rolling
Camera pans out to the sea
All I can think is wasn't that, wasn't that lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely
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