Lyrics to Young & Stupid
Young & Stupid Video:
when you're 17
you think you know it all
but you don't...
you're just young and stupid
but then something happens
you no longer know it all
but you do know...
you're not young and stupid

and when you're pushing 29
you can't help feeling left behind
you're train's arrived
you're out of time
and all you want to be...
is young and stupid

when you're 38
and you need to lose some weight
it's too late... to be young and stupid

and when you wear that see-through dress
it doesn't have the same effect
it feels like they can see through you
you end up feeling blue...
and old and stupid

next month when you turn 43
the only option i can see
is to cut your hair and get a job
cause you will never be...
young and stupid
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