Lyrics to Young Savage
Young Savage Video:
The Jekyll-Hyde of you
I can't survive the tide of you
The vicious style of love, the whining
Pits and pendulums of lying
I don't see how you survive in
Hard-line worlds you're advertising
Sneaky features, facing, waiting
City sex is so frustrating


Young savage
Young savage
She's like a steel wall
Speaks like a dance hall
Young savage
Young savage
Anything goes where no-one knows your name

The mirror love of vixens
Gets over the mask of victims
Money rents you insulation
Tenderness, asphyxiation
Someone else's flesh to borrow
Sling it from your bed tomorrow
? sorrow
Look behind the face it's hollow



The broken heart of you
Who stole, who stole a part of you
Changing blossoms into piss
And taking bites from every kiss
The past is dead, tomorrow's too far
All the chemicals that bar us
Coloured hair, cheap tattoos
That tell you all their points of view


Condemned to be a stranger
Subway dweller, dead-end danger
Peeking through the dust of friends
Who never gave, they'd only lend
Every sneer is thrown away
With practised gestures of disdain
The outlaw stance is so pedantic
Hate the world, it's so romantic

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