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Lyrics to Young Nigga
Young Nigga Video:
Y'all ready to do this shit?

Bust 'em

When I was young I had the lust to pull the trigger
And make change out a 5-dollar-ass nigga
And as time went on, I gained much love
But seein' niggas' guts bust at a nightclub
Too young to get my ass in, but they didn't trip
Cause if I didn't get in, they knew I'd start shit
So I was treated like the mothafuckin' pope
Security see me, so they scope
And follow me around like a flock of hoes
I had a squab with a bitch with a big-ass nose
I started to knock the bitch out, but before I could
I'm stopped short by a redneck peckerwood
But he was slow, with the other hand slapped the hoe
Then security rushed us out the backdo'
So when I grabbed the nine, they thought I'd go nuts
I'd roll by and bust caps at the grown-up's
Young nigga got bold and off the liquor
As a young nigga

(He said, "Young-ass nigga!")
(You dumb nigga, you),-> Ice Cube

Well, what do you know, it's summer time
And every young nigga my age is on the grind
Workin' for the city
A drugstore on every goddamn corner, and niggas actin' shitty
About who sell where and whose dope is it
So some niggas around the block, they paid us a visit
But we ain't comin' off shit but a drive-by
I guess they want to expand to go city-wide
So we hung muthafuckas by the barbed wire
Whoever was a snitch or bitch or liar
And five-o is gettin' kinda dense
Cause the wire was missin' from a county jail fence
Breakin' off boulders
And the niggas from around the block they said they told us
Not to short-stop, so my nigga got popped
I looked down, and I'm shocked
To see him layin' dead by the bushes
As a young nigga

Shit is gettin' hectic, my mission had to flow smooth
We hit the corner in a '65 old school
Bustin' at niggas twice my age
Muthafuckas catchin heat from my gauge
They tried to shoot back, but it ain't like that
Cause I'm the nigga with the biggest gat
Hoes get fucked and eat the bullet
Cause the trigger that got my nigga, one of them had to pull it
My nigga with the nine said, "Forget it"
But I seen a nigga point his finger and say, "He did it"
I loaded up the clip and shot him in the dick
And kept on bustin' till his leg kicked
Now we Audi five thousand, gee
The glasspacks on the sixty five got noisy
We had to smash
Cause five-o was right behind our ass
We had to get away, we dumped the A.K.
And the gauge in the bushes on the way
The cops kept bustin', niggas kept cussin'
About which way to go fussin
We hit the corner, and they bust
At some niggas lookin' just like us
We knew it was about that time
Hopped out my homeboy's shit, and into mine
We got away, because they couldn't figure
Which one of the boys was that young nigga
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