Lyrics to Young Emily
Young Emily Video:
Young Emily was a fair young maid
She loved her driver boy
Who sailed the main much gold to gain
Down in the lowlands low

Her father kept a public house
Down on yonder shore
'Go ye, go ye and enter in
And there abide the night

'And don't you tell them nothing
Nor let them know your name
That your name it is young Edmund
Who rode in the lowlands low

Young Edmund fell to drinking
A-drinking to sleep
It's little did he think that night
They would cut off is head

Young Emily rose in the morning
She's pulling on her clothes
Says 'I'm gonna hunt for my driver boy
Who rode in the lowlands low

'Oh father, cruel father
You will die a public show
For the murdering of my driver boy
Who rode in the lowlands low'
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