Lyrics to You'll Be Sorry
You'll Be Sorry Video:
There's a little voice inside my head.
Telling me that soon you will regret.
'Cause you know that everything you do will come back to you.
So listen to these words I say.

Baby you'll be sorry.
So you better stop calling.
Cause I won't here when you realize your mistakes.
Baby you'll be falling.
And you're gonna be haunted.
By the memories, oh baby wait and see.
Baby you'll be sorry.
You're gonna be crawling.
I'm gonna make you wish that you never looked my way.

When that little voice inside your head.
Tells you what a mess that you have made.
Let me tell you everything goes round and around again
Will come back to you in the end.

You will see without me, the errors of your past.
And I'll be here just waiting boy and I'll have the last laugh
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