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Lyrics to You Win Again
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Hook Misty: There's so fight, you can't fight this battle of love with me, you win again so little time we do nothing but compete There's no life on earth no other could see me through, you win again some never try but if anybody can we can C-Block in the house for the Bee Gees Rap1a Red Dogg: Yeah, we representin with this Bee Gee's thang, CBK is what I'm screaming that's the click I claim I keeps my head up game tight errect be my spine I manage to stay real because my heart controls my mind plus my God given gift is interwined with my soul I set it down with my brain n left if ferment like pruno now you know I like to shake the spot like that comin' thru, stayin true because we hop like that Rap 1b Goldie: A true adt I'm wit dat and thats a fact CBK on dis track and you know we comin' phat If you didn't know now you know Goldie flow peep the style for a while so you can feel the ruck us Red Dogg, Misty with me you know you can't stop us blowin leaves of da trees with the keys from the Bee Gee's Toneway's

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