You Were Made For Me Lyrics

Irene Cara

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Lyrics to You Were Made For Me
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People say I'm naiveWearing my heart on my sleaveAnd it will surely breakIf love should ever leaveBut I don't mind what they sayI know this love is gonna stay'Cause in the deepest part of my heart of heartsI know that we will always be this wayCHORUS:I know you were made for meNothing can ever change, it's meant to beJust like the moon was made for a lonely nightYou are my lightForever in this lightI thought I knew love beforeWith you I've found there's so much moreMore than the love we makeIt's the feelings we two can exploreWe're just a woman and a manWe'll make mistakes like we all can.But through it all, you'll seeBy your side I will beGrowing closer to you each passing day.CHORUS:I've heard it said that love is a crazy gameYou play a little while then the partners changeSomewhere my heart knows our love has stood the test of timeYou'll be mine

Songwriters: COOKE, SAM
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