Lyrics to You Said
You Said Video:
Don't talk just listen

[Verse 1:]
You promise money, house cars, said we have it all I remember when we use to sit and talk trips g4s then it was gone it's like I never really knew u at allllll, I'm missing u babe there's been alot a pain and I don't understand it meant everything I did everything still u let me go babe did u forget wat u said.

U said u would change my life yea u promise that (yeah) you said u would roc my world yea you said that as a matter fact u gave me a roc and then u took it back u said I was the one yea you said that u said u would u said u said.

[Verse 2:]
You said you'd get me ut the hood but u Ran when things got hard I took it personal when you didn't call you shouldve looked me in my eyes and said it all now I'm talkin they don't know me at all but I'm over it babe cause people make mistakes and them haters gon hate " haters" haters" now I'm back on the seen I wouldn't change a thing just remember those days when you said what you said


You know it hurt so bad baby oooh you know u hurt me bad baby you know u hurt so bad baby yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhh I'm movin on with it I gotta move with it thers something for me out there gotta go get it I've got the rest of my life for the rest of my life I'm gone remember wat u said it don't matter wat u said


[Fade out talkin:]
When it hurt so bad baby youknow it's bad baby gotta move on with my life get it right cause u know I'm so tight t Teairra Mari the movement fareal
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