You Only Love Once Lyrics

Michael Friedman

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Lyrics to You Only Love Once
You Only Love Once Video:
We met in much the same old way That many strangers do Were you suprised how instantly I could relate to you ? From far I`d come to where you`re from Our distance was no more And on that day I heard you say: You only love once, just one. We watched our love drift far away But never did our souls Was love like that made for this world Where a man tries to control ? You cannot numb The times that come Or tides that now must go I cried the day We moved away You only love once, just one. And now me met again today More distance now through time Did something wake within my soul To see an old love shine ? I want so dear To hold you near Yet I`m with someone else Who says sincere Right to my ear: You only love once, just one. You only love once, just one.

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