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Lyrics to You Make Me Feel Alive
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[1st Verse]
Looking down, and I'm staring at a blank page.
Wishing I could find the perfect words to say.
How I feel when I'm looking at you, baby.
I can't describe it, but you're driving me crazy.

My hands are shaking as I'm picking up my pen.
I have the perfect phrase, I know where to begin.
You make me nuts, when you tell me that you need me.
I try to get away but you're the only one I see.

Yea, you make me scream it out.
You know I'll write it down.
My stupid heart stops beating, when you're not around.
Yea, it breaks me up inside.
I draw through the lines.
Yea, you make me feel alive.

[2nd Verse]
Still looking down, I've been stuck here for a while.
Can't say I love you cuz that's never been my style.
As I sit down, I'm looking for a sign.
I've gotta hurry cuz I'm running out of time.

You keep me up and I'm talking to myself.
But I'd be better off with anybody else.
You've got me cornered and it's driving me insane.
I think I'm falling and you're the only one to blame.


I scream out loud,
I'll write it down.
Yea, it breaks me up inside.
I'm up all night,
I'm out of time.
Yea, you make me feel alive.
I've been stuck, I've had enough.
Will I ever be the same?
I fell in, and you're to blame.
Is this pleasure, is this pain?


Yea, you make me feel alive. x2

(Thanks to Courtney for these lyrics)
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