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Lyrics to You
You Video:
Nobody else can make me happy
No one could hurt me like you do
You were the only one that mattered
Then you were gone
Love had moved on
Left me alone

Thinking of you
There was never any other
you and I were created to dream

Isn't it love that keeps us breathing
Isn't it love we're sent here for
Wasn't that love we were feeling
Deep in our soul
Deeper than we know
Keepin' me whole
There was never any question
You are forever in my mind
You and me were meant to be together

I might as well have been dyin'
When we were apart
When you came back
I felt the beating of my heart

You and I there was never any question
You will forever hold my heart
You and me were meant to be together

It was always you
"You" as written by Steven Krikorian, John Shanks, Jr. Thiele
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Publishing, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY
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