You Know (Who You Are) Lyrics

To Paint With Fire

Stepping Stones

Lyrics to You Know (Who You Are)
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what makes you think that i'd
just let this life up and pass me by

i just want to show you my potential
if you could open up your fucking mind
i'll make the world see what i know i can be
not a man of steel but a man that's truly real
i can't be a god or your savior
judging from my misbehavior
you have to go
be the one they want to know
where's your potential?
where's this potential?

you can't cry to me
when you've wasted your time
you're the one that didn't put any effort into life
in this life, my life
from the beginning i've watched this demise.
with the way that you are how can you claim to be alive?
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