Lyrics to You Know Me
You Know Me Video:
Sentimental fellow
Sometimes overmellow
Writing verses no one plans to do
I know I'm no Cole Porter
I'm noticeably shorter
Do I deserve to have someone like you
No one knows me better
Right down to the letter
You've got a picture of my soul
You know all about me
You're the first and the last to doubt
You know me girl
You know me girl

yc Sometimes God forsaken
Liberties I've taken
I confess and you forgive
You're the reason that I live
I guess you know me girl

Warmin' my soul
Livin' your own sweet way
Lovin' the nights away
Hold on sunshine
Never let go
No, that would throw me girl
I need the tenderness you show me girl
I guess you know me girl

Through me share of losin'
Years of back door usin'
When our luck was runnin' low
If you cried it didn't show
You never let it show
I guess you know me girl
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