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Lyrics to You Just Have To Be There
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Well a strange thing happened to me yesterday. I looked at your stars and, ooh I saw the Milky Way. And if you could feel just half as much as me, then I wouldn't be just another leaf on your tree. 'Cos I never thought I'd feel this way, you are my life, my night and day. It's such a thrill deep down inside, just too much love for me to hide. [chorus] You just have to be there. In my life. You just have to bet here. It feels so right. I wake up alone and everything is cold and grey. You walk in a room and brighten up a cloudy day. Friends then arrive, then they disappear, but if you want me baby, honey, I'll be here. 'Cos all those little things said in the dark. One touch from you ignites the spark. Sweetest boy, you can do no wrong. The fire of love, it burns so strong. [chorus] You just have to be there baby

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