Lyrics to You In The Glass
You In The Glass Video:
Deep in the woods
It was grey all around
Only one rose
That never was meant to be found
"This is for my love who is no longer here"
Inside these words were written in ink and tears
First story from you
Now you awake when I begin to dream
I open my eyes and you turn off machines

You should be here with me
I know you are near

In through my hearts twisting and winding chords
There is a place where love soaks in all its pores
Under the sea deep in it's water core
You will find me weightless and waiting

In a car at night for a long way home
The saddest song on the radio
Her in your arms on the seat next to me
Reflection in glass wishing she was me
All happy with you

Cause you should be here with me
I know you are near
You should be here I know you are near
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