You Have Been Loved 2 Lyrics

George Michael

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Lyrics to You Have Been Loved 2
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She takes the back road and the lanePast the school that has no changedIn all this timeShe thinks of when the boy was youngAll the battles she had wonJust to give him lifeThat manShe loved that manFor all his lifeBut now we meet to bring him flowersAnd only God knows whyFor what's the use in pressing pamlsWhen children fade in mother's armsIt's a cruel worldWe've so much to looseAnd what we have to learn we rarely chooseSo if it's God who took her sonHe cannot be the one living in her mindTake care my love, she saidDon't think that God is deadTake care my love, she saidYou have been lovedIf I was weak, forgive meBut I was terrifiedYou brushed my eyes with angels wings, full of loveThe kind that makes devils crySo these daysMy life has changedAnd I'll be fineBut she just sits and counts the hoursSearching for her crimeSo what's the use of pressing palmsIf you won't keep such love from harmIt's a cruel worldYou've so much to proveAnd heaven helps the ones who wait for youWell I've no daughters, I've no sonsGuess I'm the only oneLiving in my lifeTake care my love, he saidDon't think that God is deadTake care my love, he saidYou have been loved

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